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Gun rights advocate says SAFE Act repeal likely to come through courts, not legislature

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A bill that would repeal a few provisions of New York’s controversial gun law – the SAFE Act – heads to the state Assembly. But, that chamber is not likely to pass it.

It’s no secret the SAFE Act has been unpopular among pro-gun groups since its passage in 2013.

And Monday, the Republican-controlled Senate voted to get rid of certain pieces of the law. With their changes, family members could inherit semi-automatic guns when the owner dies. And it would ban background checks for people buying bullets.

But with a week left in the legislative session, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said recently his house probably won’t get to it.

Chris Naylor, head of Southern Tier SCOPE Committee, a Second Amendment advocacy group, thinks so, too.

"Obviously, any support we can get right now is great. There are suits continuing, so I think this is going to have to trickle through the court system in order to get a final result," said Naylor.

Members of SCOPE were in Albany Tuesday lobbying for a full repeal of the SAFE Act.

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