Dinolfo Says She Didn't Tell COMIDA to Inspect I-Square

Mar 29, 2016
Originally published on March 28, 2016 6:16 pm

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo broke her silence Monday about the  sudden investigation of the I-Square project by COMIDA, the County of Monroe Industrial Agency just over a week ago on a Sunday evening.

The investigation took place days after Monroe County GOP Chairman Bill Reilich stated the project was struggling financially while making comments about departing Irondequoit Supervisor, and now County Clerk, Adam Bello.

Dinolfo said today that COMIDA’s investigation of the I-Square site on Sunday, March 20, was due to numerous media inquiries about the project, and that weekend investigations by COMIDA is not unusual.

Dinolfo stated that she didn’t direct COMIDA to inspect the I-Square project site and that Assistant County Executive Justin Roj was contacted by COMIDA regarding the media inquiries. Roj told COMIDA that it should consult with its attorneys about any action it should take, and Dinolfo mentioned that Roj didn’t do anything wrong in discussing the situation with COMIDA.

Dinolfo said once the County’s new Office of Public Integrity  is established, it can decide whether it wants to investigate if COMIDA did anything wrong.

Dinolfo, an Irondequoit resident, mentioned that she wants I-Square to be successful, but just like any other project getting incentives, milestones must be met.

Earlier Monday, Democrats in the Monroe County Legislature said they’re calling for a special committee of legislators to investigate the comments made by Reilich and the review by COMIDA