Finger Lakes economic council releases draft plan

Oct 24, 2011

Ahead of three public meetings this week, the Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council released the first draft of its strategic plan Monday.

You can read the entirety of the 17-page document after the jump.

Here are the whens and wheres of this week's public input sessions:

  • Tuesday, October 25 - Batavia
  • Wednesday, October 26 - Geneva
  • Thursday, October 27 - Brighton

More info about the meetings can be found here.

Finger Lakes Draft Strategic Plan 10-24-11


The 17-page document highlights many of the region's strengths - placing special emphasis on agriculture, optics and higher education - but it's still incomplete. The draft plan (the first to be released to the public) lacks key sections, such as a "Regional Implementation Agenda" and "Performance Measures."

Greater Rochester Enterprise CEO Mark Peterson chaired the work group process for the council. He says this week's forums are designed to get the public to help fill in the gaps.

"We're going to ask [attendees] to break into some small groups, with parts of the plan that they might be interested in," says Peterson. "[They'll] read it, and provide us with some feedback that we can feed back to the council as they continue to redraft the plan."

The deadline for the final plan is November 14. Peterson says the council will release a second draft on November 1. He says the plan will probably be finalized during the November 9 regional council meeting.

The plans will be used to determine which four regions win $40 million in state economic development money. Going forward, each of the ten councils will also have a 20 percent say over projects seeking to tap into an $800 million pot of state incentives.