Local Businesses Invited to Get Involved in Photonics Industry

Mar 23, 2016
Originally published on March 23, 2016 4:55 pm

Now that there are two photonics companies committed to coming to Rochester, hiring people, and growing their businesses locally, there's a chance that other businesses could partner with them and profit off the growing photonics industry.

At least, that's according to Bob Duffy, CEO of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce.

"You're gonna have a lot of companies here that we are blessed with that are very high tech, very progressive, forward-thinking technology companies that are somehow involved in photonics."

The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce sponsored an event at the Strong Museum to update local businesses about the AIM Photonics Center, and how they can use the center to partner with other businesses in distribution or manufacturing.

Duffy says they are trying to downplay the quick expectations, and talk about long-term investments and growth.

Over two hundred people attended the event.