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Restoration work expands valuable upstate wetland habitats

The non-profit wetlands conservation organization, Ducks Unlimited, has received additional support for its restoration work in wetland areas in the state of New York. A three-year grant from Cargill Inc. Projects worth a total of $75,000 will provide funds for work at sites including the Montezuma Wetland Complex (MWC) and the Tonawanda-Iroquois-Oak Orchard Wetland Complex (TIOC).

Interview with New York Regional Biologist Sarah Fleming after the jump.

Ducks Unlimited works in partnership with local landowners as well the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

On the most recent edition of Innovation Friday on wxxi.org's 1370connection, Innovation Trail spoke with the New York Regional Biologist for Ducks Unlimited, Sarah Fleming. Photos are of courtesy of Ducks Unlimited and show work at the Montezuma Wetland Complex.

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