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The science behind "Wind Chill"



A wind chill advisory remains in effect until 10 Thursday morning.

And while wind chill values may go as low as 20 below zero, even meteorologists admit it's not an exact science.

Tony Ansuini with the National Weather Service in Buffalo says several years ago, the agency changed the way the wind chill temperature index was determined.

He says they changed the formula that was used to compute wind chill values so they didn't sound quite as cold.

According to the National Weather Service, in general, if the given the same actual air temperature and wind, the new index will usually be warmer than what was expected with the old index.

Still, it's going to be very cold, and Ansuini says anytime there are wind chills below zero, people need to dress appropriately.

Wind chill factors are expected to dip to 20 below at times tonight and 15 below tomorrow.


Credit noaa.gov