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"Anxious" GM and popping the top on greener Champagne

Sigfus Sigmundsson
via Flickr
The French say slimming bottles could trim their carbon footprint.

Lots of big innovation stories with upstate New York connections - or for everyone who uses the Internet - going on this afternoon.

The New York Times reports that Champagne producers are trying to green themselves.  Could it be a lesson for Finger Lakes bubbly producers?

Fast Company sites Jalopnik in its report that GM is trying to trademark the term "range anxiety" as it moves into an electric car era.   GM produces fuel cell cars in Honeoye Falls, outside of Rochester.  It also fuels up its prototype vehicles at the Greater Rochester International Airport, where the hydrogen tank of one of its vendors recently exploded.
Wired has suggestions for Netflix films that will look adequate streamed on your smartphone, now that you finally can stream Netflix films on your smartphone.
Mashable is telling Twitter users not to "freak out" about the microblogging site turning off its "who to follow" autosuggest feature.  It's apparently going to come back on.
ReadWriteWeb posts the results of a survey that shows that people are basically terrified of the Internet.
To complement the Obama administration's focus on intercity rail, the US Department of Transportation has released design standards for rail cars - so any manufacturer can get in on the game.
Information Week reports that Google says Google Voice is working pretty ok, mostly, and does a rundown of Google PowerMeter.  Tech Crunch's guest blogger, on the other hand, is NOT happy about some recent Gmail drama.
And finally two New York politibits: Daily News has the details on Governor Paterson signing a Domestic Workers Law and don't forget the Democratic attorney general debate tonight, airing on fine public broadcasters across the state.

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