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Downloading your health and a know-your-state-nicknames quiz

Whirling Phoenix
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New York makes the top ten for energy efficiency - can you guess who beats us?

Downloading the doctor's notes

Digitizing medical records has been touted as a way to improve health care delivery and save money (we've covered it here and here).  Information Week has the details on the Markle Foundation's call for records that are downloadable, so that consumers have the data at their fingertips.

MySpace cause of death: not Facebook

Facebook's domination has long been touted as the reason for MySpace's demise.  MySpace lost its position as a leading social networking site, but at least it had music to offer.  Now, with Apple's introduction of Ping, the newest feature in iTunes, the coroner may have another cause of death.  Ping is a social network for music fans, which Mashable says will cause musicians to finally move away from MySpace.

Scoring your rep
At Blogging Innovation, Microsoft's Ric Merrifield is calling for a "reputation score" to rival a credit score.  He's predicting one will spring up for the growing number of sites like GroupOn that require trust, but which work outside the credit rating agencies' existing spheres of influence.
Textbook rentals
TechCrunch has a look at the textbook rental market.  Several entrants in the market are giving the college bookstore a run for its money - a lot of money.  According to the Association of American Publishers, $4.3 billion dollars worth of textbooks were sold in 2009.
Energy efficient New York
And finally, Green Innovations has a post up about New York's ranking in the Center for American Progress' report about energy efficiency.  The Empire State came in sixth, beat out by the Constitution State, the Golden State, the Free State, the Bay State and the Keystone State.  First Facebook comment that decodes those nicknames for us wins a prize.  Sorry MySpace, we're just not that into you.

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