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AT&T opens to Facebook, and LA goes Google

AT&T opens up a world of hurt by asking for feedback on its Facebook page.
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AT&T opens up a world of hurt by asking for feedback on its Facebook page.

Caught in the net

TechCrunch details the feedback that AT&T’s new Facebook page is getting.  It’s not what you would traditionally define as “great.” It’s more like this:

Someone at AT&T will likely be cleaning out their desk tomorrow over this, and frankly I can’t believe they didn’t see it coming. It’ll be hard for AT&T to argue that the vast majority of its customers are happy when nearly all the comments are hugely negative, some violently so.

Volt amps up GM

Tech Crunch gets us inside the Chevy Volt’s success at GM.  Matt Burns tells us:

Love it or hate it, the Chevy Volt saved GM and you can’t even buy it yet.

LA goes Google

The city of Los Angeles’ move to Google apps is close to done.  According to Information Week:

So far, 36 out of 40 city departments have moved to Google Apps, with only the city's public-safety workers -- mainly the Los Angeles Police Department -- remaining to be migrated. Previously, Los Angeles used Novell's GroupWise suite for email and other productivity applications. In all, once the project is complete, more than 30,000 employees will be using Google's hosted apps for email, calendaring, documents, spreadsheets, instant messaging and video. The city also will use Google Sites, a website creation and sharing service.

Must read

Mashable has a list of “emerging social platforms” to leverage before they get too popular.  Gowalla, Help a Reporter Out, and StatusNet all get the nod.  They’re also asking you to weigh in about Google Instant.

15inno has three innovation conferences you might want to hit this year.  And Fast Company wonders if Apple is changing its mind about Flash on its mobile products.

Must see

By way of Digg (by way of Popurls) we present what’s being billed as the world’s first double backflip in a wheelchair.  Rad.

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