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Avoid bad designers, and investing in STEM

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Mashable's got tips on how to avoid the dangers of bad designers.

For your Friday afternoon blog round-up, here's a peek into our RSS reader: some of the top items from our favorite blogs.  If there's an innovation, technology, business, entrepreneurship, policy, environment or education blog we're not reading that you think we should be, let us know on our Facebook page.

From Information Week:

China is finally getting the iPad.

Bill Gates is investing in science, technology, engineering and math education at poor schools.

The White House is planning to track how well federal agencies reach their goals, on a public website.

From Infrastructurist:

Calculate how much you ought to be spending on transportation, based on where you live.

Congress is looking at the cost of rail freight.

Texas is having trouble sharing its wind power because of a lack of transmission lines.

From Mashable:

There's a ton of stuff up about how the social web can help causes, in advance of their Social Good Summit at the UN next week.

Every hired a designer only to be out hundreds of bucks with not a single jpeg to show for it?  There's a how-to about hiring that will keep your website from being turned into dogs playing poker.

There's also details about the Mashable Awards for this year.

From McKinsey Quarterly:

Details about mild improvements in the economy from a global survey of executives.

From Next Big Future:

Insight into the FCC's upcoming vote about "white space," and what it could mean for making your mobile device faster.

The Hubble Space Telescope team has found 14 new "trans-neptunian objects."

From TechCrunch:

Why small countries often out-produce, out-innovate, or out-perform their larger counterparts.

And, the iPad is not the reason why people don't want to buy netbooks.

From Technology Review:

A credit card that can actually be multiple cards, thanks to a tiny internal computer.

From Kottke:

Beautiful pictures created by taking long exposures of video games in action.

Instructions for Mac users about how to emulate the sound that a Droid phone makes.  Critical, I know.

From the City Fix:

Great places to walk.

A new option for urban farmers: mobile slaughterhouses.

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