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Mapping democracy and segregated cities

Eric Fischer
via Flickr
This map of Buffalo shows the distribution of where people live, by race. Each dot represents 25 people, pink is white people and blue is black people. Hispanic folks are in orange.

Segregated cities

Rust Wire has the details on a cool mapping project that looks at the distribution of people by race in 40 large U.S. cities. Both Rochester and Buffalo had their "photos" taken – the resulting portraits aren't pretty.

Democracy in apps

Check out Google, not being evil, with a couple of pro-democracy applications (via Mashable). The search engine's "Transparency Report" shows when governments tried to pry user information out of Google, and when service was disrupted. And you can use Google Maps to check out the spread on election data.

GPS update

Grandma's new condo still not showing up on the Garmin? Could be because the Airforce is taking its sweet time launching the satellites needed to modernize GPS. From Information Week:

A report (PDF) by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) noted several challenges to the launch of the number of satellites needed to fully meet the needs of everyone using the GPS. They include a ground system that won't be ready until after the launch of the satellites it will support and delays in technology deployment for all three facets of the new system -- space, ground control and user equipment.

Search's new look

Futurelab tells us that "the future of search is verbs." Cryptic, yes, but also insightful: people don't want flat information, they want tools to inform decisions. Can you guess who said it first? Here's your hint.


15inno has five countries that rule at stimulating open innovation. The U.S. and Canada both make the list.

Blogging Innovation has picked its top 40 innovation bloggers of the year. Pretty impressive considering it's only September.

Too many texts

Information Week took it to the streets to ask people who they're texting, what they're texting, and how many texts they're sending. To the woman who claims to be sending thousands of texts a day: share your time management secrets with us!

Data banking

In case you missed it: Yahoo's got a new facility in western New York.

Take a ride

Tomorrow is "World Carfree Day." Ironically, I'll be celebrating by spending eight hours on the Thruway (true story!), but if you want to observe on my behalf, the City Fix has the details.

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