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Doubting nuclear power, and stem cell progress at UB

Spooked: people still fear nuclear power - and a series of new Russian plants aren't helping.
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Spooked: people still fear nuclear power - and a series of new Russian plants aren't helping.

Alert the media, the media is down
Today's big headline: Facebook went down this afternoon.  TechCrunch has what details are available.

Alert the media, the media is hungry for MORE!
The FCC's meeting today has Technology Review hopeful that long range wifi could be in the offing.  That way you could steal signal from people miles away, instead of just the neighbors!

Nuclear power
Infrastructurist looks at what people are scared of - and why nuclear power continues to top that list.

Kottke doesn't do much to quell those fears, with the details on a floating nuclear power station in the Arctic Ocean.

Two from TechCrunch
Book nerds rejoice, Kindle is fast approaching three quarters of a million books available for the reader.

The blog also asks if Bill Gates has done his time - and if we can stop thinking he's evil.  Have philanthropy - and the relative villany of other tech impressarios like Mark Zuckerberg - rehabilitated Gates?

Finding your way around campus
Syracuse University's Dan Klamm and Kelly Lux tell us that colleges need to get on the location apps bandwagon (like FourSquare) if they want to create, according to Mashable, "meaningful relationships with prospective students, the current student body, and alums."

Stem cell progress
Next Big Future tells us that scientists at the University of Buffalo have made some headway on growing stem cells for use in the lab.  A new stem cell line could be used to study heart disease.

Name that tune
Kottke asks how Shazam, the magical song identifying app, actually works.  Don't read if you want to keep the mystery alive.

Meet the un-meeting
Blogging Innovation has why you should get on board with user-generated conferences.  If that's not enough to convince you, how about the fact that the Innovation Trail is planning one of our own?  Watch this space for details.

Innovation competition
The Obama administration is dishing out up to $6 million to half a dozen projects that have the best ideas for, according to Information Week, "[driving] technology commercialization and entrepreneurship in different regions."  It's similar to New York's Centers of Excellence concept - create specific expertise in a given region and watch it grow (or hope it does).

Hoodwinked on efficiency?
Futurelab tells us that consumers think they're way better at saving energy than they really are.

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