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Google's Goggles, and where's our wi-fi?

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Now iPhone owners can use Google's point-and-search photo tool.

Google roll-outs
Google has started to show some users what pages look like, right in the search results.  TechCrunch has the details.

Information Week tells us that Google Goggles, the app that allows you to take a picture of anything and then search for it, is now available for iPhone.

Libya is starting to get fussy about what sites using its .ly domain suffix are actually doing.  The domain has been popularized by URL shorteners like Bit.ly and Owl.ly, but TechCrunch reports that a URL has been seized by the government for violating Sharia Law.

Technology Review asks why we're not swimming in municipal wi-fi, after it was all the rage a few years back, and touted as a solution for bringing broadband into poor communities.

Infrastructurist has the details on a new report about the American transportation system:

The experts estimate a federal shortfall of up to $194 billion a year in infrastructure spending through 2035. And that’s merely for maintaining the country’s current system of roads, rails, and air transportation. To improve it, the figures will approach an annual sum of $262 billion.

Rochester will get Verizon 4G by the end of the year, according to Mashable.  No other upstate cities make the grade.

The Environmental Protection Agency is joining in the fight against bed bugs, by releasing a database of infestations, according to Information Week:

A resurgence of international and domestic travel, lack of public knowledge about bed bug prevention, and increased resistance of bed bugs to pesticides are suspected to be at the root of the insect influx, said the EPA.

Social borders
Those of you following @innovationtrail on Twitter may have seen Ryan Morden tweet one of these social media maps a few weeks ago.  It's been updated and Mashable has all the pics so you can see how "social media land" has changed since the beginning.

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