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Google makes its own news

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Sighted: Google's mapping tricycle has been traipsing around the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Google news
Google's got two headlines today.  The Democrat and Chronicle reports the search engine's tricycle has been seen at the Rochester Institute of Technology, as Google maps campus paths.

The company is also backing a $5 billion transmission line in the Atlantic Ocean, to connect offshore wind farms, reports the New York Times:

The 350-mile underwater spine, which could remove some critical obstacles to wind power development, has stirred excitement among investors, government officials and environmentalists who have been briefed on it.

Get a move on
Nonprofits have a deadline to meet.  The Buffalo News reminds groups that they could lose their tax benefits if they don't fill out the IRS' 990-N form.

New gig for community college official
The Post-Standard reports that Onondaga Community College's new senior vice president will be the board chair.  It’s a nice post – the annual salary is $180,000 and he himself proposed that the job be created.

Solar action
A small town outside of Syracuse could turn to solar to cut down on its monthly power bills, according to the Post-Standard.  The deal in the town of Clay could cost $1.8 million.

Meanwhile a church in Binghamton is sending a solar panel to the White House in the hopes that the administration will return it to its rightful place on the roof, reports the Press & Sun-Bulletin.

Budget top 10
Buffalo News columnist Bruce Andriatch has a top ten list of sorts, about what the budgets being proposed in various western New York towns say about our economy.  For example, here's item number 8:

Every budget is “no frills.” Just once, it would be great to hear a supervisor or Town Board member talk about all the “frills” in the budget.

Unshackling the elections
The Press & Sun-Bulletin has a profile of Unshackle Upstate, the pro-business group that's hoping to hold elected officials' feet to the flame in November.

Tweets from cops
Police in Buffalo are starting to use Twitter as an alert system, according to the Buffalo News.

Job hunting
The Times-Union reports that times are still hard for job seekers, with a story about a job fair that drew more than 1,000 people.

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