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Corning showcases smart phone glass at CES

Chris Alexander
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Corning is staking its money on screen glass for consumer electronics.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's largest consumer technology show wrapped up this weekend in Las Vegas. Corning, Inc. of the Southern Tier, was in attendance for the first time.  

The firm, once best known for its Pyrex line, reportedly made waves with its so-called "Gorilla Glass" for touch screens.

CNBC reports:

[Industry analyst] Gartner projects tablet sales will triple to 60 million in 2011 and smartphones—with Gorilla Glass touch screens—are expected to continue to explode. And now, Gorilla Glass is moving into a new market, which requires bigger pieces of its glass. Here at CES Sony announced that it is featuring Gorilla Glass in its new Bravia TVs.

The company has put a lot of marketing power being "Gorilla Glass." It's the latest step in a long trajectory away from the cookware that established the 150-year-old company.

During CES the company asked attendees to try to scratch or break the glass, and from all accounts, that's hard to do.

Alexis Madrigal over at The Atlantic's technology section had some great coverage of CES, including this very public radio-esque installment.

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