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We want to hear what you make. Because the people who make stuff - the artists, business owners, entrepreneurs and dreamers - are the people who actually make up the larger economy.So this year we began recording stories about what you make in our listening booth. You can hear them below, and subscribe to our "Makers" podcast series on the right.If you'd like to host the listening booth at your event, drop us a line.

Derek Adams: What do you make?

Zack Seward
Derek Adams sat down in the Innovation Trail's listening booth at BarCamp Rochester in October.

Derek Adams makes devotees of the "Madden" video game very, very happy.

The Innovation Trail caught up with Adams in our listening booth at BarCamp Rochester in October 2011.

He told us about the tool he's developed, called League Manager, that gives the Madden players the fantasy football-style features that they've been clamoring for for years.

Like the music? It's Zev Noah's "Transcription."

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