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50 wells in 2013, 100 wells in 2014 and we'll be told by Labor Day

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Good morning. Here's the Tuesday Innovation Trail Mix

The DOT has been looking at the impact of fracking on NY roads and bridges and it's not pretty.

Health officials make the case for reinvesting $10 billion saved through Medicaid changes. 

Not everyone thinks the investment in the Adirondack watershed is a good idea.

Work finally starts on renovation of Rochester City schools five years after the funding approved.


NY state officials want to put $1.7 billion into hospitals in disadvantaged communities, plus other spends. (Jimmy Vielkind and TimesUnion.)

The Adirondack Park Local Government Review board is highly critical of the addition of land to the preserve reports Brian Mann at North Country Public Radio.

Ground has finally been broken on a $1.2 billion renovation of Rochester City schools. (Tifanny Lankes at the Democrat and Chronicle.)

Karen DeWitt reports on attempts to introduce new gun laws in NY state for WXXI News.

Mayors staring down the prospect of a powerful statewide control board according to AP.


Apple ditches Youtube as a core application in the next software upgrade for the iPhone and iPad reports Marketplace Tech at American Public Media.

Something useful from MIT technology review on keeping personal data safe when you're sharing so much of it. (Tom Simonite and MIT Technology Review.)


Fred LeBrun's commentary for the Times Union lays out the scenario for limited hydrofracking operations in New York state, expect the announcement by September 5th. (TimesUnion.Com)

And it's worth following up on Fred's comment about the impact on roadways and bridges of fracking operations - the DOT is certainly taking it seriously. (Nadine Lemmon at Mobilizing The Region.)

Biggest surprise of all: people who pay for research may actually want to influence the results. (Bloomberg)


Hot countries are poor, and cold countries are rich. That's this interesting study linking climate and economic development published in  the American Economic Journal. Marie Cusick will have a backgrounder later in the day.

Odds and Ends

Fantastic hi-res shot from the surface of Mars (NASA and WXXI News)

Portrait of Webster-based company working on retrofitting wind generation, (Democrat and Chronicle)