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Yogurt Summit will have manure on the agenda, and Kodak extends its patent auction

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Welcome to the Tuesday Trail Mix.

Kodak extends its patent auction and refuses to comment.

Oswego's new Event and Conference Centre is open for business.

Journalist Tom Wilbur says initial fracked wells in NY will be built close to the Millenium Pipeline.

Does the gas boom translate into good news for the whole community?

Cuomo extends incentives for solar energy.

Wednesday's Albany yogurt meeting will spend a lot of time looking at dairy regulation.


Kodak says that the auction is ongoing reports Reuters.

New York State Canal Conference to break the ice at the new Port City event centre next month reports Debra J. Groom for The Post-Standard.


The Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council met yesterday to hammer out development priorities before the September 14th deadline writes the Democrat and Chronicle's Tom Tobin.

Grist views Paul Ryan's nomination as a throwback to the Bush-Cheney 'friendly to big oil days' while NPR's political Ken Rudin views Romney's decision as bold.

And Karen DeWitt reports that the head of the Republican Party says that Ryan will have a positive impact in some portions of the state.

The New York State Yogurt Summit (sounds very serious) will be discussing a lot more than yogurt reports Gannett's Albany reporter Jon Campbell.


As the Buffalo River cleanup continues here's a timely backgrounder on dredging cleanups from the NY Times.

Daniel Robison's report on the Buffalo River will be available later today, so check in later.

Protestors in Reading NY plan are arguing that a proposed LPG storage facility will harm the environment and hamper tourism reports Ithaca Journal.


Does the natural gas boom translate into real community benefit? AP profiles this Oklahoma town in the midst of a gas jobs boom.

NY State Democrat Sen. Bill Perkins addresses potential health concerns associated with hydro-fracking in this editorial for the New York Amsterdam News.

And Tom Wilbur, author of Under The Surface reveals more details of the siting of shale gas development and the Canada/USA Millennium Pipeline features heavily.

Solar incentives are targeting projects that generate more than 50kW of energy according to UPI.