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Kodak having second thoughts about selling off patents

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Here's the Friday Trail Mix

And NOW Kodak are saying they may not sell their patent portfolio at all.

Small businesses are struggling to get loans.

Martens tells the Times-Union that it will "shortly determine" whether fracking will proceed.

Natural gas industry discredits new study of hyrdo-fracking wastewater. 

I thought we were just getting started, but apparently we're supposed be thinking beyond innovation now...

Twice as much solar was installed in 2011 than in 2010 according to new analysis and standby for additional announcements on this subject from Governor Cuomo later this morning.


Senator Chuck Schumer is looking for $4 million worth of federal funding for the proposed $22 million high-tech jobs incubator proposed for Binghamton reports Steve Reilly for pressconnect.

DEC Commissioner Joe Martens says the fracking decision will be based on science cross-posted from the ithacaindy.


The economic downturn has turned a lot of entrepeneurial dreams to ash reports cnbc.com.

Kodak is getting cold feet reports the diligent Matthew Daneman at the Democrat and Chronicle.

We're supposed to be talking about innovation as process and not as ideology according these authors writing for the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Tighter military budgets are putting pressure on defense supply businesses reports staff at the Democrat and Chronicle.


The natural gas industry responds to the research from Stony Brook University we reported on earlier this week.

A new report card on solar energy shows twice as much installation occurred in 2011 than in the previous year.

And SustainableBusiness.com has some more background on the NY investment side.

Bits and Pieces

The NY state fruit harvest is looking pretty grim according to The Post-Standard.

Golf is, wait for it, driving some good business activity in Binghamton reports David Robinson for Gannett.

A little outside our footprint, but this is an interesting article by Bill McKibbin about how folks in Texas are responding to the idea of the Keystone pipeline.