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3D technology changing the classroom experience

Holy Angels Academy

A Buffalo private school is taking innovation to the next level and bringing new technology into the classroom. Holy Angels Prep has incorporated 3D television into their curriculum this year.

The school is the first in the region to use the Rover, a 3D learning program specifically tailored for the classroom. Student Julia Benedetti says she enjoys learning this way.

“I think it’s a fun way to learn. It sticks in your mind easier and it’s a good activity to do,” said Benedetti.

Wearing 3D glasses the students are learning about the starfish, with the Rover they can get a sense of the its texture, shape and color while it’s in its habitat. Student Anna Lange says she’s a visual learner and seeing the starfish in 3D will help her remember come test time.

“I really liked when they were going into detail about the starfish, because I didn’t know how they moved around on the ocean floor, by their tubes. I thought it was really cool,” said Lange.

Amanda Harding teaches English and Life Science at the school. She says people should not be confused; the Rover does not replace book learning.

“It’s really just another way to teach the same material to them, I definitely use it as supplementary. We’ll usually do something in the classroom as a background to build on and then they will actually come and see it. We talked about the tube feet with the starfish, so when they’re actually able to see that in 3d, it works out really well,” said Harding.

When asked if they felt the Rover was distracting, all of the girls said no. Harding says the 3D program is a good way to submerge students into the subject matter.

“It’s definitely an incentive, if they know that were going to come down and watch the video they’re definitely extremely focused when we’re doing notes and activities in the classroom as-well,” said Harding.

Funding for the Rover was given to the school through an anonymous donation. Holy Angels Prep houses 6th, 7th and 8th grade students who will eventually go to high school at Holy Angels Academy.