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Kenya leads Africa in mobile and internet access and is working to finish "the last mile" of connecting the entire country. It has used mobile technology to pioneer mobile money transferring and crowdsourcing crisis information.Technology has the potential to lift Kenya into the developed world, but if investment is not done right, it could widen the gap between the haves and the have nots.The Innovation Trail's Ryan Delaney recently returned from a reporting trip to the East African country through a fellowship with the International Center for Journalists. His reporting takes a look at Kenya's own innovation economy.

Follow our reporter on a trip to East Africa

Ryan Delaney

Here at the Innovation Trail, we generally cover the changing economy of upstate New York, but for the next few weeks, you'll have a chance to see how innovation and technology are changing one of Africa's largest economies: Kenya.

Reporter Ryan Delaney, normally based in Syracuse, will be traveling to East Africa for the next few weeks for a fellowship through the International Center for Journalists.

Some of the stories he'll bring back will include the use of drone technology to track wildlife, crowdsourcing crisis information through mobile technology, and programs for youth outreach and job training.

You can follow Ryan's journey on his Tumblr page, willtradeforelephants.tumblr.com, or by following him on Twitter or Instagram. He'll be sharing sights, sounds and thoughts throughout his travels. Be sure to ask questions and leave comments too!

And look for a series of stories on air and online once Ryan returns in September.