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Karen DeWitt

Lobbying for and against the minimum wage is intensifying at the State Capitol, with just over two weeks to go until the budget deadline.

Union workers gathered at a rally outside the State Capitol, where the main speaker was Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“We’re going to get a $15 minimum wage passed!” Cuomo shouted.

Cheap gas prices are making consumers happy at the pump, but not everyone is benefiting from the lower prices.

New York’s counties, which impose a sales tax on gasoline, have lost over $200 million in revenues.

The state also charges a gasoline tax, but it’s a uniform rate of 8 cents per gallon. Counties charge a 4 percent sales tax on the price of gas. Stephen Aquario of the New York State Association of Counties says they see less revenue when the price plunges from $4 a gallon to $2 a gallon, which is the average rate right now.


(WBFO) Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday announced new economic development that will bring a combined 1,400 jobs to Buffalo and Dunkirk over the next decade.

The company Athenex, which makes oncology medication, is expanding to open its headquarters in downtown Buffalo while constructing a manufacturing facility in Dunkirk.   

Cuomo said 500 jobs will be created in Buffalo while the Dunkirk facility will ultimately employ 900 people.

Advanced weather detection system: New York NOW

Jan 16, 2015

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Is there a way to mitigate the damage caused by devastating storms like Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Irene or the blizzard that blanketed parts of western New York recently?

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State lawmakers are offering hints of what their positions might be on some key issues in 2015.  In June, New York City’s rent regulations expire, as happens periodically. In the past, legislators and governors have used the sunset date to shift the balance from tenants to landlords, with what’s known as vacancy decontrol, once the monthly price of an apartment and the tenants’ income reach a certain threshold. Under the rules, landlords are permitted to raise rents by a small amount each year.