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Buffalo has two traditions going, one bad and one good.

First, the bad: the city continued to lose population precipitously, as it has for the past 60 years.

Now, the good: Buffalo has gained jobs for the sixth straight month, according to jobs data analyzed by the Buffalo News.  Over the last year, that's amounted to 1,500 new jobs.

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Western New York continues to lose population at a speedy rate. But other upstate regions fared much better, according to U.S. Census figures released yesterday.

The bleakest picture was that of the Buffalo Niagara region.

According to the Buffalo News:

One of these New York counties is not like the others.
Matthew Bloch, Shan Carter and Alan McLean / The New York Times

The Census Bureau released its treasure trove of American Community Survey (ACS) data on Tuesday. (You can play around with it over at their American FactFinder site.)

But the New York Times did the Census one better. By rolling out their interactive Mapping America feature on Wednesday, the Times turned the unwieldy into the enjoyably informative.

The ACS data set has the kind of granular economic information that's super interesting to us folks tending the Trail. It offers a quick glimpse of how upstate New Yorkers are faring as the region tries to jump start its economic engine.

So how have our upstate cities fared over the last decade? According to the data, not great, but not terrible either. Unless you're Rochester.