Who cleans up when a wind farm closes?

Sep 5, 2016
Brian Malone/Inside Energy

As America plans to move away from coal-fired power plants to renewable energy, the country plans to build more commercial wind farms.

But the country's first commercial wind farms are nearing retirement, and there are few requirements to take them down. Inside Energy's Leigh Paterson looks at who is responsible for taking down the giant turbines.

WATCH: When coal goes bankrupt, who pays for cleanup?

Jun 13, 2016
Wyoming PBS

When mining companies are done digging up coal, the empty pit mines need to be returned to their natural state.

But due to a process called self-bonding, mining companies don't have to set aside money to do so. As coal mining companies declare bankruptcy, who will pay for the cleanup? 

What does net metering decision in Pennsylvania mean for solar business ?

Mar 1, 2016
Matt Rourke / AP

It's called "net metering." That's when homeowners who put solar panels on their rooftops can sell extra energy they don't use back to utilities.

It’s considered a huge selling point for new solar installations. But across the country, utilities have been fighting to limit or dismantle state net metering laws.

WATCH: The (energy) costs of convenience

Feb 16, 2016
Rebecca Jacobson

To make or not to make a homemade pie?  It's a classic dilemma. Do you take the easy way out and buy a fairly decent frozen pie, or do you risk making your own, resulting in a potentially burnt and lumpy version?

While there is something special about that homemade option, every cook knows that it takes a lot of your own time and energy.

A temporary ban on the controversial gas extraction method hydrofracking has dragged on for years. Even as the governor says a long-awaited study is nearing completion, a large group of local officials want the ban to continue.

Elected Officials to Protect New York, made up of more than 850 local-level elected officials, says Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration still has not properly studied fracking enough.