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New York may have banned hydraulic fracturing for natural gas- aka fracking - but that does not mean residents of upstate New York are no longer concerned. Controversial pipelines that would pump gas fracked in Pennsylvania across New York State into New England are proposed, and to ensure the gas stays moving, compressor stations would be built along the pipeline route.

Group applies to frack with propane in New York

Jul 10, 2015


A group of farm families in Tioga County wants a state permit for a natural gas well that uses gelled propane. It’s still fracking, but it would skirt the state’s ban.

The debate around fracking in New York State has been mostly about hydraulic fracturing: using large quantities of water mixed with chemicals to break up underground shale formations and release natural gas.

Matt Richmond


 After about seven years of research, public hearings, rallies, elections and rumors that a decision was imminent, the final environmental impact statement on hydrofracking was released on Wednesday.

Its findings aren’t a surprise.

Back in 2012, the Department of Environmental Conservation asked the Department of Health to add a health review to its review. It was the final stage in preparing the report. And in December, the acting health department commissioner, Howard Zucker, famously said this about high volume hydraulic fracturing, or HVHF: 


New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation released the long-awaited final version of its environmental review of high volume hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The final report includes the Department of Health's review of health risks. There’s also studies of spills and other incidents in Pennsylvania and the atmospheric effects of emissions from drilling operations.

Fracked Gas Pipelines: New York NOW

Feb 10, 2015

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