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Two weeks ago, the landowners coalition sent a letter to Governor Cuomo demanding the release of the environmental impact study on fracking, known as the SGEIS . The deadline was yesterday. And today, Scott Kurkoski, lawyer for the coalition, filed the promised lawsuit.

“Is he in favor of this or not? Because the rest of the nation is moving forward in a way that is providing energy independence. Is New York a threat to that process?”

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The town of Avon has become the third community in upstate New York to win a court case over the right to ban fracking operations.

Western New York-based gas drilling company, Lenape Resources, took Avon and the state Department of Environmental Conservation to court over the town’s moratorium on drilling, saying the ban would put it out of business.

Jim Campbell, the Avon town attorney says they’re pleased with the court ruling, but the decision goes beyond the town itself.

In a lawsuit filed by Lenape Resources against the Town of Avon and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Lenape is seeking either an injunction against the town's ban on natural gas drilling or $50 million in compensation.

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General Motors is closing its fuel cell plant in Western New York and moving that research to Pontiac, Michigan. Innovation Trail is following up on that story today.

Regional planning agencies in the Southern Tier are working towards a goal of cutting 80% of their greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050. 

The Dalai Lama arrives in Syracuse today as part of the 'Common Ground for Peace' event.

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Groups for and against fracking are gearing up for an announcement by Governor Cuomo’s environmental officials  on whether the natural gas drilling process will be permitted in New York on a limited basis. But the  organizations, who are running ads, may have to wait a little longer.