Farmers helping farmers in the Catskills: New York NOW

Aug 26, 2014

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To the rest of the world New York is a city, an urban jungle of towering skyscrapers and international culture. But north of the city, New York, the state, is a vast array agricultural enterprises. Farming is and has always been integral to the state economy and a group of young farmers in Catskills are working together to help each other sustain their new businesses.

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Zack Seward / WXXI

According to owner Tom Herlihy, there’s a running joke among local chamber of commerce officials. They like to say that Worm Power is Livingston County’s largest employer.

Total workforce at the Avon, N.Y. facility: about 60 million.

“The worms are our workers,” says Herlihy, sitting in front of one of his brand new composting beds. “My job is to create the maximum environment for them and to keep them fat, dumb and happy.”